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Our Services


Dr. Nolen offers individualized chiropractic care for each patient.  Dr. Nolen doesn’t recommend a treatment program of duration or frequency of care until you have been treated once or twice.  This is to insure that he and the patient are satisfied that chiropractic treatment is helping.  Dr. Nolen believes that it is impossible to tell how long or how frequently a patient will need treatment during the initial exam – THAT JUST MAKES SENSE!



Dr. Nolen does not believe in “forcing joint movement”.  He believes that proper joint motion is essential and important.  His adjustments are gentle and effective.  Often times during the first adjustment or two, joints don’t move as much as once the pain begins to dissipate and the patient’s body begins to relax.  Not forcing joint movement and working to reduce body tension leads to a more comfortable and effective adjustment – IT JUST MAKES SENSE!



Dr. Nolen believes very strongly in simple and effective spinal stretching exercises.  Almost all of his patients are given a simple one minute a day exercise that relieves stress and aids in getting better adjustments.  About half of his patients with lower back pain are given and 8-10 minute stretching program to improve flexibility and help balance the muscles of the lower back and pelvis.  Dr. Nolen has been giving these lower back stretches to patient for over 25 years, and has seen many patients with chronic lower back pain help themselves within just a few months.  There is no charge for the time Dr. Nolen takes going over these exercises with you.  It’s free and it’s convenient – IT JUST MAKES SENSE!



One of the most effective things patients can do to help themselves is to make minor lifestyle adaptations.  These are really simple, like making a minor change in the way you sleep or sit in a chair.  Generally it takes a little time for the patient to get use to these adaptations, but once they do they really appreciate the results.  Again, it’s free and it’s convenient – IT JUST MAKES SENSE!